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Finance Forms & Instructions

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Form Name Department Type Purpose / Description Instructions Contact Phone
Bank of America SPCC Application Procurement SPCC Required to request a Small Purchase Charge Card (SPCC) Guide to Complete SPCC Application Using DocuSign Brandon La Dieu 757-221-2840
Hotel Addendum Procurement Contract Addendum to hotel's terms and conditions N/A Procurement Services 757-221-3952
Independent Contractor Assessment Procurement Contract This assessment will provide support for classifying individuals as an independent contractor or employee and should be completed prior to on-boarding a proposed independent contractor. EXCEPTIONS: Jr Mentees, Mentors, Referees buyW&M -Independent Contractor Request User Guide Procurement Services 757-221-3952
Sole Source Approval Request Procurement Procurement This form must be completed by the requesting department, and must accompany all requests for sole source or proprietary purchases. Guide to Complete Sole Source Form Using DocuSign Procurement Services 757-221-3952
SPCC Business Meal Form Procurement SPCC TBA N/A Brandon La Dieu 757-221-2840
Speaker Addendum Procurement Contract To be used in conjunction with speaker agreement N/A Procurement Services 757-221-3952
Standard Contract Form Addendum Procurement Contract To be used in conjunction with contractor agreement N/A Procurement Services 757-221-3952
Wireless Communication Device Employee Stipend Request Procurement Procurement To request a stipend for a wireless communication device (cell phone, mifi, iPad, etc.) N/A Procurement Services 757-221-3952